Modern cooperatives service members digitally

Silvia enables you to become a local mobile bank and payment provider.

In today’s environment, people prefer to use their mobile phones for banking services. Silvia is an end to end banking solution that helps your cooperative become more modern than the big banks.
Your members can use the app to:
    • view account balance, transaction history, savings & loan status
    • pay another member.
    • request a new loan (request visit by AO)
    • request to deposit (request visit by AO)
    • see statements in the app
    • Refer a new member (commission, credited into account)

E-channel and interfaces


  • SMS Banking
  • Mobile Banking
  • Internet Banking
  • Banking Interfaces (ISO8583/XML/Web Service):
    • ATM Switch
    • Mini ATM using EDC
    • EFT POS System
    • Branchless Banking
    • LOS & Credit Scoring System
    • Credit Card
    • HRMS- Human Resources Mgmt System
    • Treasury System
    • Call Center
    • Notification Center
    • Other applications


  • National Payment Gateway
  • RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement)
  • Central Bank/Regulatory Reporting
  • Credit Refference Agencies
  • National Payment System
  • Payment Network/Aggregators
  • National ATM Network
  • National/Worldwide Remittance Network
  • sms/eMail Gateway

Account services

  • Virtual Account: Helps solve payment reconciliation issues in bill collection.
  • Debit Card System: Provides full card management functionality and relationships between the cards and the accounts.
  • Bill Payments: Automated functionality makes paying and reconciling bills easy for you and your customers.
  • Standing Instructions:
    • Scheduled transfer
    • Bills payment
    • Loan Repayment
  • Account Sweeps: Sweep IN/Sweep OUT/Sweep BACK
  • Cash Management: Provide ability to manage multiple accounts from a single screen
  • Bulk Transaction Upload: Save time and effort to enter massive transaction

Debit card

  • Delivering best performance Debit Card System through flexibility, security and availability
  • Built into SilviaCBS for better security, operational efficiency and scalability
  • Parameterized Debit Card System:
    • Transaction authorization
    • Limit setting
    • Risk exposure
    • Fees & charges,
    • Loyalty Program
  • SilviaCBS – Debit Card System Handles:
    • Multiple accounts
    • Multiple cards
    • Multiple products
  • Built in event triggers for sending notifications and user definable reporting tool.
  • Ability to generate
    • Embossing file
    • Pin mailer
    • Pin mailer printing
    • Cover Letters

To see our system in action, book a live online demo.