Modern cooperatives are managed professionally

Silvia provides control, insight, transparency. A complete core banking system for your cooperative.

Banks, larger cooperatives and the government want to know what happens with their money. A well managed cooperative reports flawlessly, using accurate, real-time data. Without fraud, fewer errors and insight, you know where profit can be made.
Silvia provides control, insight, transparency. Your management can:
    • see real time performance of all branches
    • avoid fraud through cashless transactions and administration
    • increase profit, see where your money goes
    • provide clear, accurate reports to government
    • collect data, easier to borrow from banks

General Ledger (GL) system

The General Ledger system is integrated at the heart of SilviaCBS.

  • Real time update: All movements in sub ledgers are recorded in the GL real time.​
  • Multi Branch GL System​
  • Multi Currency GL​
  • Multi Segment capability:​ segments can be used to administer associated cooperative businesses like shops, mini markets, money changers, credit companies​
  • Drill down: view (up to 7 levels) capability​
  • Extensive Reporting:​
    • Audit/Control Reports​
    • Financial/Accounting Reports​
  • Available Modules:​
    • IFRS/PSAK​
    • Budgeting​
    • Fixed Assets

Lending Module

  • Syariah/Conventional
  • Local/Foreign Currency
  • Loan Performance Monitoring:
    • Automatic loan re-classification (downgrade/upgrade)
    • Automatic loan reserve allocation
  • Mobile LOS-Loan Origination System
  • Collateral Management
  • Loan Restructuring
  • Consumer Lending:
    • Mortgage loans
    • Car/Motorcycle Loans
    • Multi Purpose Loans (Unsecured}: Education/Marriage/Hospitalization/Others
    • Consumer Loans (unsecured): Electronic/Gadget/others
  • Micro Lending:
    • Basic Micro Lending Products
    • Community Based Lending

Security & Risk Management

  • Real Time Audit Trail: All transactions, functions or attempts are logged into an electronic journal/audit trail
    • The journal can be searched by teller by amount, by account or by cheque number.
    • Supervisor can list all transactions for a particular user or a full list of activity for a branch for auditing and control purposes.
  • Access levels:
    • Set access right to applications and accounts to certain groups or to individual users.
    • Set limit for certain transaction value
    • Local/remote supervisor’s override
    • Single sign on for simplicity and effectiveness
  • Role Based Access: Access to the system can be given by predefined access profile. Each access profile represents separate, one off and independent roles, such as customer service, teller, non-cash/mobile teller, supervisor, manager, temporary assignment.
  • Remote Access:
    • OTP- One Time Password linking the Bank, 3rd party agents and the customer
    • Alert and Notification

Shariah Module

SilviaCBS offers Shariah compliant products to customers and address their needs for Islamic banking along with international offerings. Our solution offers flexible and varied features for banks to design and deploy products for varying market segments, based on different Islamic concepts. The solution also offers a wide range of features for business users to create new innovative products.

SilviaCBS Islamic offers a unified, comprehensive, real time view of the client across the enterprise
SilviaCBS can run pure Shariah , pure Conventional and Mixed system (Conventional and Shariah in one entity). The Shariah module is fully parameterized, new parameters can be added to provide customer specific and country specific requirements with ease.

The following Shariah products are standard in the system

  • AI Wadiah current account
  • Mudharabah savings account
  • Mudharabah fixed deposit account
  • Murabahah financing
  • Mudharabah financing
  • Musharakah financing
  • ljarah leasing
  • AI Rahn pawnbroking
  • Sukuk Issuance

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