About Us

We are a team of seasoned bankers and entrepreneurs, dedicated to Indonesia. Our vision is to help Indonesian cooperatives and BPR become mobile bank and payment providers.

Johan and Wisnu met each other at BNI. Wisnu was the project lead for the new core banking system in the move to a branchless bank. Johan was the lead developer building the solution. Over the years, they realized many (small) banks in Indonesia face challenges around becoming branchless, mobile and modern. Together, they started building a solution to replace the old fashioned systems.

Thierry and Hugo have both built successful companies in the past. They have been working with financial institutions in Indonesia for the past 5 years. When they heard the story of Silvia, the decision to help bring it to market was easy.

Our Team

Budi S Maharta

Sales Manager

Having experience since 2004 in a number of commercial banks as Account Officers, in 2010 became part of the Cooperative and UMKM community by working at LPDB KUMKM Kemenkop and UKM RI as Head of Business. Joined 2019 on the Fintech platform to finance Cooperative and SME loans through Mekar.id's peer to peer (P2P) pattern as Senior Lending Manager


Dimas Yudhistira

Marketing Manager

Dimas worked at financial and banking institutions since 2002. Prior to joining the development of Digitalization for Cooperatives, Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, he worked as the Head of Sharia Business and Financing at the LPDB KUMKM Kemenkop RI and Lending Partner Manager at Mekar.id.


Johan Vermeij

Lead architect

Johan has worked on banking systems since 1973. The core banking systems available today or mostly Cobol / RPG AS400 systems developed on the 1970's. Johan decided to apply all his knowledge and develop a modern core banking system with true ease of implementation and ease of customisation in mind. That resulted in SilviaCBS.

Wisnu Wardana

co founder

Before becoming an entrepreneur in 2014, Wisnu spent most of his time working with one of the largest bank in Indonesia. He held some senior executive positions, such as Bancassurance Department (GM/VP), IT Division (GM/ Senior VP), Consumer Business (GM/Senior VP). His involvement in IT is also quite extensive (App. Development Group (Deputy GM - VP), Liaison & Bus. Development Group (Deputy GM - VP), PT Swadharma Duta Data (IT Company - CEO)

WA +62 811157478

Thierry Sanders


Thierry came to Indonesia to help Putera Sampoerna build a fintech company to improve access to finance for borrowers with no bank account. This became Mekar.id one of the leading P2P lending platforms in Indonesia, it worked exclusively with Koperasi Simpan Pinjam or Savings and Credit Cooperatives. Now at Silvia Banking he focuses on improving overall KSP efficiency and improving the ability of KSP to finance themselves.

Hugo Messer

Marketing and sales

Hugo Messer has been building companies since a young age. He's always believed in the power of entrepreneurship. He's used his entrepreneurial power to build his own companies Bridge and Ekipa. Since he moved to Indonesia in 2016, he started helping Indonesian enterprises with agile innovation. As he fell in love with Indonesia and seeing the digital challenges of financial institutions today, he decided to help Silvia grow.