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In 2019 we implemented Silvia. We manage all our cooperatives through the software, providing insight and control. This helped us to become one of the top 10 lending platforms in Indonesia.

Thierry Sanders Mekar adopts Silvia to manage all cooperatives

Client Cases

Danamon KSP Danakita

KSP Danakita started using SilviaCBS in 2016. It was a conversion from a manual system. Currently Danakita offers various deposits and loans, such as multi-purpose loans (unsecured), consumer loans (electronics and appliances), bicycle, motor cycle, etc. Danakita also has a mini market that sells sembako and many other family needs to the Bank employees.

SilviaCBS automatically produces deduction file to be processed before Bank salary processing deadline and automatically process the received salary deduction file back in lumpsum to be booked individually in the loan, interest and penalty accounts.

Currently Danakita manages 12.000 members and 10 billions of loan booked. Early this year, Danakita also open up a shariah cooperative (BMT) called Koperasi Danakita Syariah

Mekar (PT Sampoerna Wirausaha)

Mekar (PT Sampoerna Wirausaha) was managing its loan administration, loan origination and accounting via an expensive SAAS platform built for micro finance globally. By switching to Silvia, Mekar not only had lower maintenance issues with the system. It became easier for Mekar staff to work with a system in Bahasa Indonesia. Also Mekar’s monthly costs of use dropped by 90%. More financial institutions should be using this unique system.

KSP BMT Amanah Bersama (BMT Amber)

KSP BMT Amanah Bersama (BMT AmBer) started off as small cooperative in 2012 offering simpanans and short term financing to its members. In order to cope with a higher transaction rate, 2016 AmBer decided to migrate from a manual system to an integrated and multi-module cooperative system called AmanahCBS. Amanah CBS is the name of SilviaCBS for Syariah business.

Since then, AmBer transform itself from an employee cooperative into a multi-business KSP (Koperasi Simpan pinjam) offering:
1) Wadiah Deposits, a special purpose deposit such as Simpanan Hari Raya, Simpanan Idul Qurban, Simpanan Umrah, Simpanan Junior and other mandatory deposits (Simpanan Pokok, Wajib and Sukarela)
2) Mudharabah Deposits, simpanan with profit sharing

Kooperasi TLM

Was using a self developed system to manage its 120,000 members spread over 40 branches in NTT. Silvia offered lower costs, no hardware maintenance, more functionality in an integrated system. Taking it’s AOs from paper to a digital process via its mobile app. Due to the Corona crisis the project is still underway.

MBSB Bank Kuala Lumpur

We developed a mobile application for consumer lending: 1) Industrial Hire Purchase, 2) Housing Loans and 3) Personal Loans. MBSB agents use iPad Mini to collect data from applicants. On the server side there is a workflow for the different approval levels.

Bank BJB Bandung

We developed a mobile application for micro lending via houses of worship. The lending model is based on Grameen Bank. Agents collect data via Android devices. Approved loans feed into BJB’s core banking system.

Customer stories