Modern cooperatives avoid errors in accounting and reporting

Silvia can be used by your staff to easily do all administration, processing and reporting.

Agents and account officers want to make their lives easier. Handling cash, making agreements on paper and using paper based ledgers are things of the past. Our core banking system enables your people to run their operation digitally.
Silvia can be used by your staff to easily do all administration, processing and reporting. Your account officers can:
    • register members digitally
    • start group lending (grameen style)
    • save time (less cash, forms and administration)
    • stop handling and transporting cash

Deposit module

  • Syariah/Conventional
  • Local/Foreign Currency
  • Saving Account:
    • Basic Savings
    • Planned Savings
    • Linked Saving
  • Current/Checking Accounts
  • Time Deposit: Fixed/Floating/ARO- Automatic Roll Over
  • Base rate setting: in the event of reference interest rate increased, re-setting base rate will have impact to all customers within the product
  • Fees and Charges: can be defined at product and transaction level, making assigning special rates for prime customers would never been easier.
  • Transaction Restrictions: combination of transaction and customer limits can be set to restrict financial transaction

Branch Delivery Module

  • True browser-based Front Office system:
    • Best performance
    • Easy to maintain & reduce TCO
    • Faster deployment
    • Anywhere Anytime
  • Centralised Branch Delivery System:
    • No need to have server in the branches
    • Branch terminals can be monitored, maintained and managed from a central point.
    • New features and functions can be deployed nationwide in no time
  • Centralised view of cash drawer/branch vault denomination position
    • Help cash reserve & forecasting
    • Balances by each currency or individual denomination can be monitored online
    • Real-time updates on both customer and internal (Cash) accounts.
    • Reconciliation is not required.
  • Customer Service:
    • 360 degree customer view for cross selling and up selling
    • Image upload for IDs, photo, signature, collateral, documents, etc.
  • Sub Modules:
    • Teller
    • Customer Service
    • User Management
    • Limits & Transaction restrictions
    • SDB – Safe Deposit Box


Branchless Banking Module

Offers an end to end solution to help Banks implementing Branchless Banking fast and secure:

  • Full cycle of Agent Management:
    • Agent Onboarding: Recruitment, commission and administration
    • Performance Monitoring: goal setting, activity tracking, achiements
    • Reward System: point reward, reward/bonus calculator
    • Agent Discharge
  • Agent app provides wide range of services:
    • Administrative Services (account opening/closing, details update, change password, etc.)
    • Cash services (deposits, withdrawals, remittances, payments, purchases, collection)
    • Account services (balance inquiries, transfers, payments/purchases, standing instructions)
    • Other services (administrative, security, referral)
  • Server-based eMoney
  • LOS – Loan Origination System
  • 3D secure (OTP) linking the Bank, the agents and the customer requesting a transactional service
  • Alert & Notification
  • Agent/Group/Area performance monitoring
  • Extensive reporting options

Cooperative Banking Module

  • Support both conventional cooperative & BMT – Baitul Maal Wat Tamwil
  • Member Management:
    • CIF System
    • Built in profitability/exposure/limit Management
    • Able to store & display Image: KTP/KK, photo, finger print
  • Deposit Management: Simpanan Wajib/Pokok/Sukarela, special fixed deposit, passbook
  • Loan Management:
    • Support secured/unsecured consumer loans/financing
    • Collateral Management
    • Easy Top Up & early discharge
  • Interfaces:
    • Integration with Payroll/HRMS for automatic salary deduction
    • Integration with bank account for loan repayment and other member obligations
    • Integration to internal/external payment switch
  • Support multi LOB-Line of Business: mini market and other retailer business, motorcycle & consumer financing, Pharmacy, Money Changer
  • SHU calculator and distribution
  • Risk Management:
    • Collect-ability & Loan Reserve Management
    • Early warning for bad loans
    • Mobile Collection

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