Customer Management

A thorough understanding of your customer base will reduce risk, ensure the loyalty of existing customers and provide opportunities for cross-selling of products. The customer is central to SilviaCBS and that is why SilviaCBS provides a 360 degree view of the customer.

In addtion, "customer-centric" is a term misunderstood by many banks. True customer centricity comes from the bank providing the opportunity for the customer to access and select whatever banking products the bank has. Of course the customenr needs to make a purchase decision based on fitness for their use as well as cost. SilviaCBS's mutliple channel approach to banking provides that customer centricity, with the customer able to make their purchase decisions on any channels available to them, be that bracnh, digital, kiosk, or other with the bank maintaining control over what is available to the customer.

Customers can be designated into Corporate, Personal, Cooperative or Agent types depending upon the information required and the opportunities expected. The feature rich customer suite includes image management, temporary addresses, walk-in customers, multiple contacts per customer and the ability to hold and score the different types of Identification required to transact.

The Customer Management suite allows for a large variety of relationships between customers and their accounts as well as relationships between customers. These relationships can be financial of non-financial depending upon your requirements. This allows you to build a holistic view of your customers and offer them products accordingly.