Modern Core Banking systems are vital components in theĀ 24/7 integrated financial world.

SilviaCBS reflects this by proving a range of interfaces, including:

  • ATM
  • Mobile Agent Banking
  • Mobile Customer Banking
  • Internet Banking
  • SMS Banking
  • Security for Mobile/Internet/SMS Banking is stored in the core system, there is no need for an external internet or mobile banking system.

Other Channels

  • Anti-Money Laundering

SilviaCBS provides for connection to AML processes with access to OFACS and other blacklists. As AML processing is again a major focus of central banks worldwide we recommend guidance from the Central Bank on solutions to be offered.

  • External Credit Scoring

As a component to our credit processing, we can access any credit scoring channels available and accept a credit score back as part of the Loan Assessment and Approval process.

  • Onboarding/Origination

As part of the loan onboarding process within the SilviaCBS. work flows of steps, checks and balances for credit officers is maintained to reduce the risk of poor credit decisions and to enforce a standardised approach to lending assessment, reducing the likelihood of fraud.