Feature Rich

SilviaCBS combines provides a vast range of functionality on top of the standard customer and account functions:

Virtual Accounts

  • Provides the ability for incoming payments to hit customer’s account without their actual account numbers being exposed. The use of a single actual account against multiple virtual accounts can also vastly ease reconciliation issues.

Debit Card System

  • The Debit Card sub-system provides full card management functionality as well as relationships between cards and debit accounts.

Statutory Reporting

  • SilviaCBS will provide full Statutory Reporting as required for each country we operate in.

Bill Payments

  • Automated functionality makes paying and reconciling bills easy for you and your customers.

Secure Transaction Reversal (error correction)

  • Transaction reversal is a common source of fraud in financial institutions. SilviaCBS ensures reversals can occur only once and that full audit trails are kept. Depending upon your requirements, reversals can be configured to require several layers of approval.

Standing Orders and Sweeps

  • Yet another great piece of functionality ensuring the highest level of functionality and automation is available to your customers.

Fees and Charges

  • Configurable at product and transaction level, this fully automatic system ensures that your revenue streams reflect the effort required to provide individual functionality.

Customer and Account Access and Transaction Restrictions

  • If required a rich combination of transactional and customer limits can be setup to restrict financial transactions to chosen limits. This function could be configured across all customers or to individual customers as required.

Customer and User Limits

  • The limits sub-system allows you to control your debt and risk profile through a series of financial formulas; this allows you to ensure that the downgrade of a single customer or industry does not expose your lending profile to unnecessary risk. The limits system allows you to control and understand your exposures at all times.

Bad Debt Processing

  • Our intuitive Bad Debt interfaces and process flows will highlight when your customers have non-performing loans and how this affects your business and the financial impacts. Full Bad Debt accounting is included as standard, another example of the feature rich SilviaCBS banking suite.

Alerts and Notifications

  • A range of values can be configured to ensure you understand the workings of accounts and customers. Alerts can be configured to warn you of significant events or breaches, notifications can be configured to provide useful information as required.

Automatic GL Entries

  • All accounting entries for transactions to sub ledgers are automatic.

Multi Currency

  • SilviaCBS provides full multi-currency processing.
  • All accounting is automatic, including spot positions.
  • A money changer function is included.

Branch and Branchless

  • SilviaCBS can be used for branch and branchless banking.

Non Stop System

  • SilviaCBS is a true 24-hour non-stop system, this is in stark contrast to many competing systems who were designed before 24/7 processing was required.
  • End of day processes, such as interest accrual and standing instructions, run in background mode.
  • Background processes use the appropriate dates and cut off points.

Multi Language

  • SilviaCBS can be presented in any language.

Islamic and Conventional

  • Islamic and Conventional banking functionalities are built into the core system.
  • The mode is selected using a bank level parameter.
  • Banks can used mixed Islamic and Conventional banking if required.