Open Deposit or Funding Account


Open an account

  1. Log in as SeniorTeller
  2. Select Deposits/Savings
  3. New
  4. Choose On Call or Fixed Deposit
  5. Enter a customer name or customer number (just type A)
  6. Choose a customer from the list
  7. Press Enter on Product Code
  8. Choose a Product from the list
  9. The account number is assigned automatically but you can choose your own number
  10. Select a Payment Method (this is how interest or profit is paid)
  11. Press Enter or click Ok
  12. Confirm account creation

Please note that for Fixed Deposits you will be asked to enter the amount of the fixed deposit.

This is the amount required when the initial deposit is made.

Process a deposit

  1. Choose Financial on the menu
  2. Choose Deposit/Savings
  3. Select a bank account (for branchless, account must be selected twice to avoid mistakes)
  4. Enter a name or account number or part thereof
  5. Tab down to Amount and enter the deposit amount
  6. Enter a Description (Description 1 is reserved for audit trail identification)
  7. Click Ok

Please note that for Fixed Deposits the amount entered must match the amount set up when the account was created


  1. Choose Deposits/Savings
  2. Choose Enquiry
  3. Enter a name or account number or part thereof

This shows you the account, the audit trail, the interest accrual per day (for conventional) and the accounting entries