Yes, We Customize

Over the past 30 years or so Customization has become more and more of a dirty word.

It is considered to be expensive, risky and time consuming.

Unfortunately we do not live in a world where one size fits all.

This is also the downfall of Cloud solutions for business, it is all too general.

Some of the reasons behind the fear of customization are:

  1. Aging technology and lack of expertise in ancient programming languages like Cobol, RPG, Assembler.
  2. Use of unsuitable languanges like C and, I dare say, Java.
  3. Accumulation of dirty code and thousands of parameters that only very few people understand.
  4. Fear tactics from vendors.

So rather than customizing the core system many interfaces to other systems were introduced.

200 interfaces is not unusual for a bank.

But these interfaces still require changes to the core system.

10,000 person days to change to a "new" system is not unusual.

"New" = "Changing from one dinosaur to another".

Just think about how many new core systems you could develop with 10,000 person days.

In short: the banking IT world has gone mad.

We customize in core and we avoid unnecessary interfaces like the plague.

We can do this because the technology we use is new and simple.

Simplicity is a hard thing to achieve, it is much easier to make things complicated.

Yes, we customize to keep your business competitive.