Retail Banking

Retail Banks face greater and more varied challenges today than at any time in their history.

Retailers and Telecoms are taking advantage of technology to offer financial services to their large customer bases. These companies are not burdened by aging inflexible IT systems so are able to offer new products quickly and seamlessly. On the other hand, many retail banks are burdened with legacy systems that are inflexible and offer risk but no reward.

SilviaCBS offers banks the opportunity of a new start without the risky approach of purchasing and implementing a traditional core banking solution. The cloud based approach not only offers the highest quality software and services, it also allows an even distribution of costs without the unpleasant surprises legacy systems are known for. SilviaCBS offers none of the complexity of older solutions, banks can follow a well-defined migration path and soon enjoy the ability of quickly offering new deposit and lending products to customers.