Lending Management


Instant Products

SilviaCBS provides the ability to get new lending products to market rapidly and safely. The feature rich lending suite and intuitive parameterization allows you to create and tune your products to suit your needs and your customer’s wishes.

Risk Management

We provide the ability to implement Limit and Exposure Management across a range of measurements; these can include National, Regional and Industry among others. This, combined with the real-time nature of SilviaCBS, ensures that you understand and control your risks.

You have the opportunity to manage and understand your loan portfolio in a way that was not possible before.

Feature Rich

A comprehensive suite of Lending products and functionality is available. These can be offered as Conventional Banking, Islamic Banking or a combination of the two, it is entirely your choice.

Standard Conventional products include Commercial Loans, Personal Loans, Mortgages, Overdraft Loans (linked to a current account) as well as Mirco Lending and Community Banking.

Standard Islamic products include Murabahah, Mudharabah, Musharakah, Ijara, Rahn and Qard Hassan.

A complete Sukuk management system is also included.

Channel Management

All Lending products and functionality is available across all channels. This gives unparalleled opportunities for your Loan Officers to interact with customers in real-time and ensure that technology provides opportunities not problems.

Base Interest Rate

For Conventional, all interest rates are tagged to a base lending rate.