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Silvia Banking Solutions | Ultimate Banking Simplicity

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Atos markets SilviaCBS as Atos BaaS (Banking as a Service)




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Towards a Digital Age

Banking in a rapidly changing world

To keep up with competition, Banks obviously need to grow. To achieve the desired growth, Banks have to create more values for their stakeholders. In particular, banks have the opportunity to retain and expand their privileged position in the value chain by providing pro-active, cross-business offers and services in real time.

In migration to a digital banking world, banking business activities will need to be componentized before being reassembled to be able to create new offers and services that can be integrated into an extended ecosystem. Depending on their context, ecosystem and strategy, each bank will assemble a different set of offers and services to create new value.

To achieve agility in the digital world, banks will be required to equip themselves with modern solutions, including multi-channel customer experience platforms, analytic for customer relationship management and platforms for app stores and APIs. Banks must put innovation at its forefront and use data to create new business, new revenue and new customer engagement

Bank Challenges:

No customer loyalty

  • Smart customers hop between banks demanding more benefits and conveniences.

Maintain competitiveness

  • To attract new as well as retain existing customers, added value is paramount. Banks need the agility to launch products quickly, as well as provide services that go beyond attractive rates. The Bank's IT infrastructure must be flexible and easy to manage.

Increasing regulations

  • Cost of doing business in banking will be higher with new regulations that will require infrastructure/procedure changes and increased capitalization.

Pressure of risk and efficiency

  • Banks are faced with aged infrastructure and legacy systems

New technologies

  • New technologies are changing customers’ behavior and expectations, the structure of competition and business conduct. The banking industry is no exception. It is forced to evolve not only to secure existing sources of revenues but also to find new ones.

New ways of banking

  • Banks face increasing competition from non-banking competitors. Examples of this kind of competition are peer to peer lending, crowd funding, bit coin, PayPall, Amazon Payments etc.

Silvia Banking Solution:

Banks must be able to deliver the right products to the market at the right price and the right time. It is also important that you can make the most of every available distribution channel. A 360° customer view is indispensable to understand customer behavior and needs. Silvia Banking Solution has everything you need to be successful in coping with changes in the banking business

Silvia Banking Solution has been developed using an enterprise architecture approach to specifically deal with the complexities of aged apps. In addition, it guarantees a better integrated core banking infrastructure. The result is modular core banking application for flexible implementation Whether it is a new, end-to-end Core Banking System, replacement of a legacy system, expansion of an existing core banking solution or a step-by-step approach with selected component implementation Silvia Core Banking Solution is the smart way to go.

Silvia Banking Solution is:

  • Browser based. All that is needed to use the system is a device (PC, tablet, smart phone) and connection to the internet.

  • A true non-stop Straight Through Processing (STP) Core Banking System.

  • Real 24x7 real time banking operation without need for stand in authorization.

  • Free of back office work due to full automatic real time GL updates No end of day, no end of month and no end of year processing is required.

  • Highly scalable and clusterable for higher system availability requirements.

  • Cloud ready with multi-institution capability.

  • Supporting both Islamic and Conventional Banking.

  • A high performance yet cost effective CBS.

  • Unlimited in accessibility.

  • Supporting different time zones.

  • Hardware and database Independent.

  • A highly secured system..

SilviaCBS - A State of The Art Core Banking System

We have created an entirely new suite of banking applications that utilize the latest technologies available. SilviaCBS dedicated itself to creating a banking solution that a financial institution of any size can utilize while ensuring it has all of the system functionality, reliability and performance traditionally available only to large banking institutions.

SilviaCBS was designed from the ground up to be quick to install and easy to customize by using the latest technologies and techniques. Specialized systems/hardware and skills are not required. The flexibility of the design guarantees easy customization enabling the institution to embrace new ideas and to focus on how the system can enhance their business, rather than be concerned with technical limitations.

SilviaCBS was not based on other legacy systems. It carries none of the anomalies associated with old technologies and techniques. Our market research shows that many competitors in the core banking systems market are selling a variety of ancient legacy systems written in old obscure programming languages. SilviaCBS aims to provide the best banking solution possible using the best and the most advanced technologies

SilviaCBS is designed around business component model and is specifically enabled to service the business objectives of customers, products and accounts. Our core banking system can be installed as a complete package or deployed in extensible modules completely integrated with existing legacy systems, according to the customer’s needs.

SilviaCBS is a multi-currency system with rich functionalities. Users may develop new products/services using predefined parameters. It does not require extensive training to use since it has intuitive user interface. SilviaCBS also equipped with advanced features, such as virtual account, bulk upload for salary payment, standing instructions, account sweep etc. It uses secure transaction reversal and backdating as well as bad debt processing

Some key features include:

  • Full transaction life cycle from acquisition, servicing to closure

  • Parameterized product development to support fast time to market

  • Variation of deposit products, such as current account, saving, time deposit, etc

  • Complete range of micro, retail and commercial loans

  • Services such as foreign exchange, remittances, payments, cards, safe deposit box, cash management, etc

  • Built in General Ledger system

  • Sharia, Micro Banking and Cooperatives

SilviaCBS delivers the lowest possible TCO

  1. Independent on hardware/OS and Database. User may choose to run Silvia on a (free) Linux/Posgresql, Microsoft or Unix platform with choice of the various database management systems available

  2. Can be easily integrated with other banking modules through a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

  3. Parameterized product development that will significantly improve development speed and efficiency

SilviaCBS is Highly Flexible

  1. Flexible in product development using parameters available

  2. Flexible in implementation

  3. SilviaCBS offers a high level of integration ability through flexible in interfaces:

  4. SilviaCBS supports multiple delivery channel, including branches, branchless banking,, ATM's, POS, Call Centers, mobile devices and internet banking

SilviaCBS Never Sleeps

SilviaCBS is a non-stop real-time banking system. It supports 24x7 banking operation. No batch processes are required. No need to stand in since customer balance and bank’s financials are accessible anytime, anywhere. SilviaCBS allows full banking functionality anytime of the day regardless of other processing.

SilviaCBS is Secure

SilviaCBS features industry standard system’s security to ensure that data and processes remain secure and free from manipulation. It is equipped with built in application security features which ensure that users are restricted to the correct menu and sub-set of data, such as role based access, local/remote supervisor override, auto logoff, password expiryetc. It also provides real time audit trails for financial and non-financial activities. SilviaCBS uses various encryption routines (DES3, AES, etc.), digital certificates, limit management, audit trails and access restrictions

SilviaCBS is High Performance

Silvia CBS is proven to run 350 transaction per second using an 8 core Intel CPU/Linux OS with Postgresql database. It is also proven to run 200 institutions loaded under one single code and database instance successfully.

  • Hardware Independence:

  1. Windows

  2. Unix

  3. Linux

  • Database Independence:

Postgresql, Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, Informix

  • Web Services (SOAP And REST)

  • XML, JSON And ISO8583 messaging

  • Browser based user Interface using a java script based client and HTML5

Reporting & Compliance:

Due to true “ease of customization” in SilviaCBS regulatory reporting can be added without need for a data warehouse. All necessary reporting data can be stored in SilviaCBS

Sharia System:

SilviaCBS can run pure Sharia, pure Conventional and Mixed system (Conventional and Sharia in one entity). The Sharia module is fully parameterized, new parameters can be added to provide customer specific and country specific requirements with ease.

The following Shariah products are standard in the system

  • AI Wadiah current account

  • Mudharabah savings account

  • Mudharabah fixed deposit account

  • Murabahah financing

  • Mudharabah financing

  • Musharakah financing

  • ljarah leasing

  • AI Rahn pawnbroking

Micro Banking:

SilviaCBS Micro Banking Module contains innovative features which make it suitable for Micro and Community Banking.

Using SilviaBRANCHLESS and SilviaLOS SilviaCBS can be used to run agency banking to serve the unbanked in rural/remote areas

As explained earlier, SilviaCBS has multi institution ability (multi tenancy). This ability can be used to run hundreds of small institution under a single instance.

SilviaCBS Components:


The core banking system.


In branchless banking mode the system interacts with accounts in other banks via a cash management system to do transactions where cash is required. Virtual accounts can be used to process transactions via associate banks.


Since the meteoric rise of the internet, online-only banks have become a viable alternative for customers looking for competitive rates and services. In addition, direct banking doesn't require the infrastructure investment a physical bank would entail. A direct bank requires a great degree of cost efficiency and process automation.

Direct banking requires 24/7 real time transaction processing with high availability. It also requires multiple delivery channel support and advanced security management. SilviaDIRECT helps banks to achieve this with ease to empower customers for self-service, enable up-selling and cross-selling, drive higher fee income with differentiated services, easy monitoring, manage and regulate processes, compliance and reporting and deliver product extensibility and increase flexibility and interoperability

SilviaDIRECT cosnsist of:

  • SilviaNET : Internet Banking

  • SilviaSMS : sms Banking

  • SilviaMOBILE : Mobile Banking


SilviaLOS is a Loan Origination System covers complete loan cycle, from simulation to collection

  • Loan Simulation

  • Loan Application

  • Credit Scoring

  • De-duplication: To Avoid Duplicate Customers

  • Collateral Management (One to One, One to Many, Many to One, many to Many)

  • Loan Approval (Under Writing)

  • Loan Performance Monitoring

  • Automatic Loan Classification

  • Loan Top Up

  • Loan Discharge

  • Loan Restructuring

  • Debt Collection



SilviaCBS interacts with a payment and purchase switch for bill payments and purchases


SilviaLOYALTY is a bank wide customer loyalty management solution that offers flexible promotion campaigns, points granting criteria and rewards redemption options. SilviaLOYALTY is designed to increase cross selling and retain as well as attract new customers by improving average product holding.


Banks must face the challenge of not only offering a wide range of differentiated and ever improving services but also to ensure flexibility, security and availability in order to make their cards stand out from competitors when card features are increasingly commoditized. SilviaDEBIT is a scalable and highly parameterized card management system that brings greater efficiency to card operations of any size.

SilviaDEBIT has sufficient parameters to support transaction authorization, limit setting, risk, fees & charges, bonus etc. It can also handle multiple accounts, multiple cards and multiple products. It has built in event triggers for sending notifications and user definable reporting tool. It has the ability to generate embossing files, pin mailers, pin mailer printing and letters.


ATM remains the #1 customer’s touch point. Quality of consumer experience at the ATM has become the main differentiator between banks. Therefore, the only way for a bank to remain competitive and be differentiated is to be available for business at all time, using consumers' preferred channels and preferred locations. SilviaATM is designed for complex multi-channel banking that offers true integration together with unmatched levels of functionality, security and availability. SilviaATM is quick and easy to deploy, support multi-vendor ATM, providing efficiency, reliability, and security important in producing a positive bank's image.

SilviaATM enables banks to create a wide service line via ATM Network, from cash withdrawals and mini-statements to instant account top-up by cash and currency exchange. It uses communication and cryptography innovations, automates routine operations, and provides users with convenient ATM management facilities and monitoring tools


SilviaSWITCH is a flexible and robust transaction switching engine for acquiring and routing of transactions from multiple customer’s touch points (ATM, POS, Kiosk, Mobile, IVR and Internet), into many destination hosts and networks. It support multi-channel switching, automatic and parameterized and highly scalable. Bank’s will be able to easily expand its customer touch points and channels as well as enjoying uninterrupted transaction acceptance and authorization services

SilviaSWITCH provides core payment engine to support issuing and acquiring products and services. It is a highly extensible authorization processing through a powerful scripting engine to ensures service level and information consistency across customer touch points. It also support a wide range of POS devices, ATM and global/regional payment network interfaces and provides flexible switching and routing to major networks, card associations and processors. SilviaCBS enables high-volume, high availability processing through a scalable, fault-tolerant software architecture.





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