Karsa Mandiri

KSP Karsa Mandiri offers short term pre-departure loans to people who are going overseas to work.

These people usually cannot borrow from a bank because they are not employed yet.

Karsa Mandiri bridges this gap.

Karsa Mandiri also offers these loans for peer to peer participation, investors can buy the loans via an integrated web portal.

The Core Banking Delusion

Core Banking is a dirty word nowadays.

Some banks even try to pretend that it does not exist.

Why is this so ?

Almost all core banking systems where developed around 40 years ago.

At that time these systems were modern.

Some even had a rudimentary (Codasyl) database although most were using indexed files.

Massive Micro Finance

SilviaCBS can be used for massive Micro Finance. It has been tested with 65,000 cooperatives loaded all running under a single instance.

All this with full control from the top or from sub levels if required.

Price control for staple food sold by the cooperatives can be imposed from the top.

Interest rates can be controlled in the same manner.




BMT Amanah Bersame

BMT Amber Bersama Islamic Financing

BMT Amanah Bersama has used SilviaCBS for 3 years.

BMT Amber offers Islamic financing to its members.





Prioritas Salam Finance

Prioritas Salam Finance Umrah Hajj

Prioritas Salam Finance is now using SilviaCBS.

Prioritas offers financing for Hajj and Umrah travel.




Mekar Sampoerna Wira Usaha Micro Finance

Mekar Sampoerna Wira Usaha is live on SilviaCBS.

Mekar offers micro finance style business development loans to its customers.




Sukuk Inside

For institutions wanting to use the system to issue Sukuk (Islamic Bonds) a complete Sukuk - Ijarah management system is included

IFRS Inside

With SilviaCBS IFRS is built in whether you use it or not (yet)

In SilviaCBS IFRS runs in parallel with tradional bad debt grading.

Any time you want to start using it, please go ahead.


SilviaERP added to SilviaCBS

SIlviaERP provides business solutions for retail and wholesale business.

SilviaERP is fully integrated with SilviaCBS and can be made available by changing a single parameter.

If a financial institution (such as Micro Finance Rural) operates shops and / or warehouses the business can be integrated seamlessly with our CBS.

Yes, We Customize

Over the past 30 years or so Customization has become more and more of a dirty word.

It is considered to be expensive, risky and time consuming.

Unfortunately we do not live in a world where one size fits all.

This is also the downfall of Cloud solutions for business, it is all too general.

Some of the reasons behind the fear of customization are:


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