Sukuk Inside

For institutions wanting to use the system to issue Sukuk (Islamic Bonds) a complete Sukuk - Ijarah management system is included

IFRS Inside

With SilviaCBS IFRS is built in whether you use it or not (yet)

In SilviaCBS IFRS runs in parallel with tradional bad debt grading.

Any time you want to start using it, please go ahead.


SilviaERP added to SilviaCBS

SIlviaERP provides business solutions for retail and wholesale business.

SilviaERP is fully integrated with SilviaCBS and can be made available by changing a single parameter.

If a financial institution (such as Micro Finance Rural) operates shops and / or warehouses the business can be integrated seamlessly with our CBS.

Yes, We Customize

Over the past 30 years or so Customization has become more and more of a dirty word.

It is considered to be expensive, risky and time consuming.

Unfortunately we do not live in a world where one size fits all.

This is also the downfall of Cloud solutions for business, it is all too general.

Some of the reasons behind the fear of customization are:


Towards a Digital Age

Banking in a rapidly changing world

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